Your Kibbe Image ID: The Style Guide

If you would like comprehensive and useful information about your Image ID at your fingertips, clearly organized, and easily accessible at any time, then you’ve come to the right place!

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A brief overview of the Kibbe system and how it all began.

Style Lines

Understand the underlying shapes of your body, so you can reflect them in your outfits.

Shopping Guide

Individual pieces don't have "image ids", but this doesn't mean that certain pieces won't work better for you than others!


See how the pros do it and follow celebrities and style influencers who are a good example for your type.

Author spotlight

Welcome! My name is Dorrie. I am a Soft Dramatic, Light Summer, Enneagram 3w4 ENFP. As you can tell, I love systems! I am so happy that I finally stumbled across the Kibbe system for better understanding my lines and the types of clothing that will work best for my body. It has made shopping so much easier, and I now own clothing I absolutely love that I never would have even considered before! I hope you enjoy learning more about this system, and that it will be as beneficial for you as it has been for me.

Readers say

It was simple and easy to follow…I really appreciate the clarity.

Eva D.

Great explanation of my body type and style suggestions, really enjoyed the inclusion of influencers who dress in my style!

L. N.

It is clear and well structured. Now I have much better understanding on my body type and dressing styles.


Kibbe Style Guide


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