Costume Company Photography Processes and Studio Design

For the past 2 years, I have been working as the Photography Department Manager for a high-end costume company, where I not only supervise the photography production workflow, but have spearheaded and implemented the creation of an in-house photography studio and streamlined and documented photography processes and procedures.

Highlighted Achievements:

• Outsourced repetitive photo retouching tasks to a specialist company that could offer greater value for the time spent. This saves the company on average $1225 per every 100 photos edited, and gives the in-house team 100 hours of time for other work.

• Introduced Lightroom as a photo editing resource. This allows for batch editing and speedier processing to further increase the department’s photo processing capacity, as well as improving quality and allowing for more finite detail editing in RAW.

• Researched, planned, and put together an in-house photo studio, adhering to a strict budget. This investment paid for itself within one month, and the department is now able to conduct more frequent and higher quality photoshoots on about 1/3 of its former budget.

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