Being “Unproductive” and a Quarantine Serpent

Let me be clear: quarantine, and the reason for it, is not a good thing. I know it has been a terrible burden for so many people. But, I nevertheless have to admit that if I had a choice I’d rather stay in quarantine. My situation in this is lucky. I have no kids and […]

Tribal Print Shift Dress

I drafted this dress with the help of Sew Many Dresses by Tanya Whelan. I definitely recommend this book if you’re getting started in making your own patterns! The templates provided are a great starting point, and can help you create a wide variety of shapes and styles. I wanted to keep this project very […]

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Yarn, Every Time

The_Perfect_Yarn [line] Don’t let this stress you out too much, but the yarn you choose really can make or break your project. It can mean the difference between something that is a joy to work on, where you can’t wait to return to your needles and add more and more stitches, and an unfinished project that never […]

WIP Roundup

Self-Designed Cross-Stitch Project   Crochet Scarf for the Husband       Flower Embroidery Sampler Roundup

Fiona Lace Knit Headband

  FIONA LACE KNIT HEADBAND One of the best and worst things about knitting is that it is not an instant gratification medium. It requires patience – which I lack – but practice makes perfect and I believe that by knitting I am not only improving my knitting skills but practicing (and hopefully improving) my patience as […]

THE PAIGE CAMI – My First Self-Drafted Pattern

THE PAIGE CAMI – MY FIRST SELF-DRAFTED PATTERN I finally managed to take some photos of my first self-drafted pattern project, the Paige Cami! I am not 100% happy with this pattern yet – maybe more like 89% happy – but considering that this is my first attempt at drafting a pattern I’m gonna call […]

Blue and Gold Macaw Cross-stitch

BLUE AND GOLD MACAW CROSS STITCH We now have a brightly feathered new addition to our household! I am calling him “Cervantes”, after the famous author of Don Quixote. If you have a few spare minutes, I highly recommend that you look up the life of Cervantes. As interesting as his writing is, his life is […]