Case Study: DASH mobile app

DASH – Service Status Mobile App Mockups of the Dash App for iPhone 4 Project Overview “Dash” was created while working with developers, project managers, and stakeholders in an agile (Scrum) environment using JIRA project management and communication tools. I prepared the layout and visual design for this internal service status notification app, using Photoshop and Illustrator. I was responsible for designing and optimizing all icons and visual elements. Additionally, this project required the front-end development and database design for a companion administrator’s web portal (tools used: Drupal, Pantheon, MySQL, Acquia Dev Desktop, and GitHub). I prepared a centralized, shareable document repository for development documentation, and authored proposals, project plans, training and marketing plans, etc. and gave presentations to key stakeholders. The mobile app and companion web app were designed to meet Section 508 requirements for accessibility. Companion Web Portal – Sketches and Wireframes We determined that the necessary core experience for the average user was fulfilled by the mobile application, so it was acceptable and even beneficial to add in secondary functionality incrementally for larger devices.┬áTherefore, for the Dash service management tool, the admin console is only available through the desktop web app. Of the many employees that would […]
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